H3R Clean Agents

  • Fire Suppression System Backup Program

    If you have a fire suppression system discharge, it can mean days or weeks waiting for an expensive emergency recharge - unless our Fire Suppression System Backup Program for Halon 1301 and HFC-227ea is already online.

    We can help get the system up and running faster than a speeding bullet, at a far lower cost than buying Halon or other Clean Agents in your moment of need.

    It's Easy!

    We supply fully reconditioned backup system cylinders
    charged with Halon 1301 or HFC-227ea.
    You store them on site.
    Simply swap out the discharged cylinders when needed.

  • Postpone the need for a new Halon alternative system
  • Drastically reduce downtime after an accidental discharge
  • Avoid the high cost of distress replacement and rush shipping of clean agents
  • Enjoy lower insurance premiums*
  • Save money by buying clean agents now - before the price of Halon 1301 increases due to declining supply
*Consult your insurance company to discuss whether stronger risk management will reduce your premium.