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  • "H3R" stands for Halon and the 3 Rs: Recycle, Redeploy, Replace.

    H3R Clean Agents was founded in 1995 out of concern for the environment and the ozone layer, with the mission to accomplish these 3 R's. Today, as a member of the H3R group of companies, which includes H3R Aviation and H3R Performance, H3R Clean Agents is recognized for providing high quality gaseous fire protection products and services.

    A key company objective is to demystify Halon and other Clean Agents. We'll help you make the best choice for your business, such as keeping your existing Halon 1301 system or moving to one of the new generations of Clean Agents. As your full-service Clean Agent specialist, it's our pledge to provide Super Delivery, Pricing and Service.

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    Take a look at what our customers are saying…

    H3R has been amazing in providing extremely quick turn-
    around with the cylinders we send them for repair and
    recharge. Being in the marine industry, our customers only
    have short windows of opportunity to get these jobs
    completed, and H3R has come through every time! We
    really appreciate your help with our requests.
    - Tanya A., WA
    I recently had my first experience with the disposal of
    Halon from a decommissioned fire truck. Jeannie will be
    highly recommended by my office to any department or
    business with recycling needs. After my product was
    reclaimed and weighed I received a check for the balance
    of my shipment promptly as promised.
    - Darryl N., TX
    In review of my file during this transaction we came in
    contact with your people via many different medias.
    Jeannie, William, Heather, Chris and of course Bill. I also
    sent out an initial email that was handled extremely fast
    and received checks processed by someone. I recommend
    that everyone gets a raise! If you can put this many
    people in motion and handle H3R this smoothly you
    should put it in a bottle and sell it. Thanks.
    - Bruce J., MT
    We have always had a good experience with H3R and
    will continue to depend on H3R for our specialty gas
    needs. - Brenda O., LA
    I will recommend you guys to anyone I come across that
    could use your services. You team was fair and honest
    every step of the way. The process was super smooth. I
    was nervous sending so much product even with the 50%
    down but the results we got far outweighed the couple of
    nervous weeks. You left the lines of communication open
    the entire process and I couldn't have asked for a more
    comfortable process. Thanks for making this easy on all of
    us here at [XXXX] Supply. Feel free to give out my contact
    information to anyone who wants a recommendation or is
    a little nervous about the process. I would be happy to
    share our experience.
    - Steve L., CA
    Service turnaround time is THE BEST! Very Satisfied!
    - Mervyn L., NV
    Thank you for your assistance on our Halon 1301 needs.
    The job went so smoothly in dealing with H3R that I
    couldn't suggest anything that could have been done to
    serve better.
    - Michael P., NY
    Practical, sensible and headache-free transaction! I also
    enjoy working with Jeannie. H3R will always be my first
    choice. Thanks for all your assistance!

    - Thomas W., IL

  • H3R Clean Agents Headquarters
    H3R Clean Agents
    103 H Street
    Petaluma, CA 94952
    (800) 249-4289   (415) 945-0800
    Fax (707) 765-3395

    H3R Clean Agents is a proud member of these organizations:

    Code of Practice for Use of Recycled Halogenated Clean Agents